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Home Decorating Styles.! Decorating a house with your partner can be hard. Especially if you just start living together. You cannot decorate the house with your own style. You need to think about your partner. There are a lot of things to consider before choosing the right style for the house. You need to compromise some things with your partner. It would be easy if you just talk with your partner and find the perfect solution. The solution for the problem is that you need to know how to blend the decor so it can match with both styles and expectations.

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Tips and Tricks Blending Decorating Styles 

If you live with a partner, then you should not force your style to the house decoration. You can blend your style and your partner style. If you two like different colors, then you should use minimal color scheme for the house. You should not choose bright colors or too many colors. You should use a few colors that can tie everything. Choose the colors that you and your partner like. If yon find a focal point in your house, then you know how to blend the decor. You can put some accessories that you think might out of place. Maybe you can place an item with bright color in a room full of soft colors. It can create harmony in your house. You also need to know how to use accessories in the house. You need to find some accessories that can tie everything together. Just find some pillows or decorative vases that you and your partner like, it should not be too difficult. Maybe you can choose certain accessories, and your partner chooses different things, then blend it as best as you can. 

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Not Everything Is about Blending 

It is important to know how to blend the decor style. Even if you want to blend the style of your house, sometimes it does not have to be for all items. You can find some items that can work against each other. You can show different personality in your house so people know that the two of you are different yet same at the same time. So do not be afraid to do something different in your house. You can also mix different patterns in your house so it can create interesting effect. But you should not mix the pattern for the entire space. You just need to find certain area that can be used to mix some patterns. Remember that you need to discuss everything with your partner. Find more decorating ideas at RoomDecorz.com

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